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Drowning in D's: You Can Turn Your Grades Around DVD
Drowning in D's: You Can Turn Your Grades Around DVD
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Resource #: DDYD013W
Type: DVD
Price: $139.95

Program Contents: 18 minute DVD. Includes Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts with pre/post test.

Captioned: Closed captioned

Copyright Date: 2010


Empowers teens at risk of failing or dropping out of school by showing them how real students around the country have gone from drowning in D’s to swimming in A’s and B’s. Video follows several struggling teens as they go through their academic transformations. Their compelling stories clearly detail effective strategies to enable viewers to get their grades back on track. Strategies include: identify long term goals, prioritize what is important, believe that you have the power to change, accept personal responsibility for your shortcomings, develop self-advocacy skills, devise and implement a plan of action. Hopeful and inspirational, this video and accompanying curriculum guide lay out a clear pathway for success for struggling students.

Produced by Human Relations Media Inc