Pricing Information

What do your video programs cost?

Our resources are typically Priced $19.95 and up. It's best to check our resource pricing listed in our catalog, on our website or contact our customer service representative at 800-876-1710 or request by email at

Are your disability resources expensive?

Not for ongoing training and education on disability topics. We supply resources to Disability and Human Resource professionals in business and service agencies, as well as provide educational materials to college-level instructors. In these situations, the same resource is used to train dozens of learners over a span of one-to-three years. The purchase is amortized over a large number of trainees and several budget years.

In comparison shopping: How can the local video store sell films for less than $20?

Your local video source is selling feature films that are licensed only For Home Viewing or For Personal Use. PDA offers video, CD, and DVD resources in the specialized area of disabilities training and education. Our resources are used to train groups and classes, and they are loaned out by special education libraries. For these users, PDA resources come with a Public Performance license, which is more costly than a Home or Personal Viewing License. Click here for more information on Public Performance Rights.

If you have any questions, please contact us toll free at 800-876-1710 or send us an Email at