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Self-Determination is the right to take charge of and be responsible for your own life.  

Commitments by funding agencies and providers serving people with disabilities have required them to encourage participant driven supports and self-determination. This means the individual, not the service system, decides the supports that are needed and used. For those who offer services and funding, self-determination education is important as it changes both the way they think about people with disabilities and the way they serve them.

Self-determination resources help make this evolving concept a reality and are available by leading advocacy groups, professionals and self-advocates.  Program Development Associates has put together an extensive collection that includes self-determination training, video documentary programs, and DVDs focusing on respect, choice and informed decision making.  If you are an advocate, funding agency or service provider and committed to self-determination, community integration or participant-driven services, the Self-Determination Resource Store is a must visit.

Takes you inside the homes and lives of six parents who have various types of developmental disabilities. Find out what helps them succeed and which factors seem to contribute to the loss of their child!

Looks at America's overall unpreparedness in helping adults with Autism from pursuing fulfilling lives.

Pits teamwork and technology against the unpredictable forces of nature.

Take a fun, yet very educational, journey with Nancy Shugart as she defines the three keys that every successful person with a disability has learned to master.

From the perspective of a woman who lives with this often-misunderstood disorder and takes the viewer into an extraordinary journey inside autism.

A rare look at an unusual, symbiotic relationship between two people some would call profoundly disabled.

Outlines four concrete principles that parents, teachers, and administrators can follow to help facilitate the success of different learners.

Based on a workshop offered by Peter Leidy and is designed as a discussion starter for providing or coordinating direct support.

Follows four people with epilepsy who have taken control of their lives with the help of their families, epilepsy education, and advancement in therapies.

Once institutionalized for 33 years inside one of Connecticut's institutions for people with developmental disabilities, Alfredo Calabrese, the main character of the award-winning film Fred's Story, takes five traveling companions on a mysterious mission to Rome and to a magical, troubling, and ironic moment in Fred's past.

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