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Submit your originally produced disability resources for distribution and marketing by Program Development Associates.

High Quality Disability Resources

Program Development Associates (PDA) has developed, produced and distributed high quality, multimedia training resources for almost 20 years.

We specialize in providing educational resources on a wide range of disability topics to these key markets:

  • Disability Professionals and Administrators in Service Provider Organizations
  • Human Resource Trainers in Business and Government
  • Educators at School and College Levels
  • Educational Resource Librarians

PDA distributes nearly 350 disability resource titles in video, CD, DVD-ROM formats, as well as in book, curriculum guide, audio tape, software and board game formats.

Have an "Idea, Training, Solutions for Today's Disability Professional?"

We represent over 50 multimedia producers, authors, educators and educational software developers. All are either experts in the field of disability education, or they feature disability professionals and authorities in their work.

Our mission is to provide "Ideas, Training and Solutions for Today's Disability Professional." If you have a resource that fits our customers' needs, consider submitting your work to PDA for potential distribution. See Needs & Requirements below.

Our Customers' Requirements

Multimedia training and educational materials on:

  • Disability Awareness - Sensitive coverage of Physical, Developmental, and Learning Disabilities. Challenges overcome. Inspiring documentaries on the activities and spirit of adults and children with disabilities.
  • Special Education - Working resources on mainstreaming Special Needs students into the classroom. Training and Assessment of ParaEducator support staff. Success stories.
  • Inclusion - Stories, Features, Narrative, Benefits of inclusion, both to communities or schools and to people with disabilities.
  • Employment Issues - Disability Etiquette. Helping employers hire and retain a diverse workforce. Supported Employment and Self-Employment initiatives. Workplace accommodations that benefit all. Vocational Rehabilitation and Job Coaching resources.
  • Technology - How assistive technology and modifications level the playing field - and the work and social fields - for people with disabilities.
  • Disability Advocacy - Trends and attitudes, changing social mindsets and laws in the disability advocacy movement.

Our Customers' Preferences

Varied Formats - Video, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Print materials, Workbooks, Software and Games applications, Audio Tape, interactive Board Games.

Captioning - Video Closed Captioning, Open Captioning, Audio Descriptors for visually impaired.

How PDA Markets Resources

PDA has a high profile among disability professionals. And we have a 20-year reputation for quality and professional standards to maintain.

We communicate with tens of thousands of customers and potential purchasers of disability training resources every year through direct mail, email and Internet advertising, display advertising in selected publications, public relations, conferences and exhibits.

We tailor our resource distribution and marketing agreements to the needs of individual producers, authors and developers, as well as the unique demands of an individual resource.

If you, your organization or company has developed disability-related instructional or training material, or support collateral, contact PDA to discuss a distribution and marketing agreement.

Call 800-876-1710

If you prefer, ship your resource to us with a letter explaining goals, objectives and intent. Send to:

Program Development Associates
32 Court St. 21st Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201