Sales Outside the U.S.

Do you sell disability resources outside the United States?
Yes, many PDA resource materials have foreign distribution rights. It is best to contact us to check on a specific resource. Check the specific product on our website. Any distribution restrictions will be listed.
Conditions of Foreign Distribution & Sale:
1. Most PDA resources are produced and captioned in English.
2. Videos are produced in US DVD format. Inquire to see if DVD's are compatible with your region.
3. Resource pricing is in US Dollars. Foreign currency can be easily converted by purchasing with a major credit card. Prepayment is required in US Funds.
4. Payment of all foreign taxes and duties are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Confirm shipping charges - which must be prepaid - in advance, as costs may be higher to certain locations.


Sorry, outside of the United States and Canada, our 30-day money-back refund offer is invalid. All orders are final and non-returnable

7. We do not sell and ship all resources to all countries. There are many variables involved and all foreign orders will be reviewed before processing. We hold the right not to fill all orders we received and if you order and your order is not processed, we will contact you. Please check each product page on our website for territory restrictions.
8. All orders must be prepaid.