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Multimedia Disability Training Programs

The Passport to Career Success program includes eight compelling workshops to help individuals learn and master the important skills required to become successfully employed. The complete Facilitator’s Guide is designed to conduct meaningful workshops through a step-by-step guide with talking points and seminar evaluations. Additional facilitator resources, such as PowerPoint presentations, can be accessed on the JIST Internet Resource Center. Pair with the additionalParticipant Workbooks to encourage participation!

Profiles two families exhausted by the struggle to provide all day, every day care for their developmentally disabled adult children at home, while simultaneously battling for the help and resources they need. How long can they do it alone?

Ability Explorer (AE) ranks a person’s strengths in the 12 abilities important in today’s workplace. In less than 30 minutes, individuals learn their strongest abilities, plus related careers for developing and using these abilities

Warming to the cold embrace of an autism diagnosis is often very challenging for families. In AUTISM. WARMING TO ITS COLD EMBRACE, filmmaker and parent Robert Parish speaks with many of the passionate autism advocates he has met along his personal ASD journey.

In this inspiring and motivating session, Dr. Tom Pomeranz focuses on the four coaching strategies that can serve to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of Direct Support Professionals.

Following four-year-old Ronen, a young boy with Down syndrome, this intimate documentary concretely demonstrates that inclusive preschool classrooms benefit both children with special needs and their typical peers.

Academy Award winning portrait of poet and journalist Mark O'Brien, who contracted polio in childhood and spent much of his life in an iron lung.

In this new simulation, students must decide if sixteen diverse young adults are making good budgeting decisions.

In this new interactive simulation, students must decide if sixteen diverse young people are making good career decisions

In this new interactive simulation, students must decide if sixteen diverse young people are making good credit decisions. 

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