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AIDS: Facts for Kids DVD
AIDS: Facts for Kids DVD
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Resource #: AIDD079W
Type: DVD
Price: $79.95

Program Contents: 9 minute DVD. Includes Teaching Guide.

Captioned: Closed captioned

Copyright Date: 2005

A straightforward message for younger students: "Protecting yourself from HIV and AIDS is your own responsibility." Puts to rest unnecessary fears about HIV infection, then focuses on the real dangers of uninformed or irresponsible behavior.

Beginning with the basics, students learn about HIV and how it disables the immune system, leaving the infected person vulnerable to an array of diseases. Students learn that we don't catch HIV from a sneeze, a water fountain, a telephone, a swimming pool, or other casual contact with an HIV-infected person. HIV is transmitted in two ways: by having sex with an infected person or by allowing infected blood to get mixed with our own.

This program offers straightforward advice to young students:
• Don't have sex
• Don't use illegal drugs
• Guard against any activity - like piercing a friend’s ears - that might result in the mixing of blood

This compelling program gives kids the facts they need to make healthy choices.