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A Place in the World DVD
A Place in the World DVD
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Resource #: APID814W
Type: DVD
Price: $149.95

Program Contents:  23 minutes

Captioning: Closed Captioned

Copyright Date: 2005


Children with autism turn into adults with autism: an obvious fact, but one that remains inadequately addressed by society. Through the uplifting stories of Paul deSavino and Jamie Hoppe, two adults with autism who enjoy the support of their parents, life coaches, and others dedicated to their well-being, this ABC News program looks at America’s overall unpreparedness in helping such adults pursue fulfilling lives. Psychologist Peter Gerhardt; Jen Hoppe, cofounder of Quest Autism Foundation; and others express their concerns about long-term quality of life for people with autism, emphasizing the need for more initiatives to assist them—and the funding to keep those initiatives running.