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Accessible IEPs for All DVD
Accessible IEPs for All DVD
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Resource #: AIFD859W
Type: DVD
Price: $59.95

Program Contents: 40 minutes

Captioning: None

Copyright Date: 2007


When professionals and parents meet to discuss a child's goals, both sides will find that comfort, confidence, and equality are crucial to a successful planning partnership. This encouraging DVD shows the way!

Filmed at the renowned CHIME School, it gives viewers an inside look at an actual IEP meeting for Alejandro, a young boy with multiple disabilities. General and special educators demonstrate their commitment to working together to focus on the best interest of a child they clearly know and care for.

Professionals will discover the value of tapping into parents' expertise on their child's needs and abilities, as well as including the child in planning when appropriate. They'll also learn how to foster a meeting environment that is less anxious and more productive for everyone involved.

Viewers will:

  • Recognize parents as authorities on their child and welcome them as equal partners with professionals in the planning process
  • Create an easier, less intimidating IEP process through realistic, practical tips for administrators, teachers, support personnel, advocates and families
  • See how general and special educators can work together to provide standards-based curriculum with modifications that meet IEP goals and learning needs
  • Learn from real-life parents and education professionals as they explain the ups and downs of their own IEP planning experiences
  • Find inspiration in the easy interaction among the adults as they collaborate and share perspectives on serving the best interest of the child

This clear and candid DVD—ideal for staff professional development and for sharing with parents—will help IEP teams maximize every participant's expertise and develop measurable and meaningful goals that really improve child outcomes.