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All About Autism DVD SET
All About Autism DVD SET
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Resource #: AAU-D021W
Type: DVD
Price: $139.00

Program Contents: Four (4) DVDs

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Autism is a World - In this Academy Award-Nominated short documentary, actor Julianna Margulies narrates the experience of Sue Rubin, who is autistic. In Sue's own words, the film takes viewers on a journey into her mind, her daily world, and her life with autism.  (Includes English and Spanish version, as well as audio descriptor, 41 minutes, Closed Captioned, ©2004)

Autism: Warming to its Cold Embrace - "When we got the diagnosis, autism was like this 900-pound word that sat on my chest and sucked the air out," one parent explains. Robert Parish's acclaimed documentary features the perspectives of autism professionals and activists including Dr. Patricia Manning-Courtney and Jennifer Brown of the Kelly O'Leary Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders. (30 minutes, Closed Captioned, ©2013)

Asperger's Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals - Dr. Tony Attwood, a clinical psychologist specialized in autism, offers a presentation on Asperger's Syndrome that broaden viewers' perception and understanding. (180 minutes, ©2003)

Straight Talk About Autism with Parents and Kids - This DVD features interviews with kids with autism and their parents. They examine the key issues caused by autism that they have encountered during childhood and adolescence. (80 minutes, Closed Captioned, ©1999)

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