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Avoiding Restraints in Older Adults with Dementia DVD
Avoiding Restraints in Older Adults with Dementia DVD
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Resource #: PD259-AROD112W
Type: DVD
Price: $129.95

Program Contents: 42 minute DVD

Captioned: None

Copyright Date: 2009

Explores interventions healthcare providers can use to avoid chemical and physical restraints in older adults with dementia. The DVD covers the consequences of using restraints, as well as, practical alternatives to restraints, including furniture design, bed and chair alarms, protective belts, and arm sleeves.  It also discusses cognitive impairment and the use of restraints, and how to proceed when restraints are deemed necessary.

Chapter Menu:
• Chapter 1 - Assessing the Patient and Intervening to Eliminate Restraint Use
• Chapter 2 - Best Practices in Preventing Restraint Use in Older Adults with Dementia
• Chapter 3 - Working Forward: Coordinating Care and Resources to Maximize Health Status

Produced by Terra Nova Films for the American Journal of Nursing