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Quick Job Interview Guide - Seven Steps to Acing Your Interview

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Resource #: ABCD123W
Type: DVD
Price: $60.95

Interviews often cause panic and anxiety for those unprepared. Fortunately, this all-new edition of a JIST Publishing classic provides job seekers and interview candidates with the knowledge, strategy and tactics to ace the interview and turn the panic and anxiety into a rewarding career. 

 Readers of Quick Job Interview will determine which strengths to communicate in their interview; learn how to create a “skills language” to positively express themselves; and develop an approach which allows them to answer even the toughest interview questions.

 This small booklet breaks down the interview process into several small, manageable steps: Make a positive impression, know your skills, come prepared, answer key questions, follow up and negotiate. 

Key concepts covered include

·    Presenting a professional image, including how to best handle any “body art, ” piercings, or tattoos that may not covey the best impression

·    How to best express strengths and abilities to the interviewer

·     Best interview preparation practices

·     Answering the most difficult interview questions with grace and confidence

·     The best follow-up strategies

·      Negotiating the best salary and benefits