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Breaking the Cycle of Abuse DVD
Breaking the Cycle of Abuse DVD
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Resource #: BCAD116W
Type: DVD
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Program Contents:  39 minute DVD

Captioning: Subtitled

Copyright Date: 2009


According to child behavior experts, one in three people abused as a child will also use physical force on her or his own children.

This edition of Primetime spotlights three primary caregivers of one or more young children—a 63-year-old grandmother, a 36-year-old mother, and a 29-year-old father—who are hoping to beat those odds by taking part in a mentoring program for at-risk caregivers called Parent Aide.

The people in this video are filmed at their worst—and also at their best as they begin to apply the new behavior-modification techniques to the children’s actions as well as their own.

Commentary by Alan Kazdin, director of the Yale University Parenting Center and Child Conduct Clinic and author of The Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant Child, is featured.

Segments in this Video - (22)

1. Breaking the Cycle of Abuse (01:35) - ABC will look into the lives of three families struggling to discipline their children without violence.

2. Meltdown in Progress (01:29) - A 63 year old grandmother in Florida is at at her wits end with her out of control grandchildren. The kids get in trouble at school and have even been suspended for violence.

3. Raised with Violence (01:29) - A 63 year old grandmother of three feels powerless to discipline the children she is raising. Statistics show that 1 in 3 people who were subjected to violence as children will use violence when they are adults.

4. Raising Difficult Children Alone (01:25) - A 63 year old grandmother of three is struggling with the out of control children she has been raising since they were infants. She discusses her struggle with ABC News.

5. A Family at Risk Reaches Out (02:19) - A 63 year old grandmother of three is having difficulty controlling the children she is raising. Video inside the home shows her slap one of the children.

6. Breaking the Cycle of Violence (02:01) - A single father must learn to control himself before he can control his kids. His son throws tantrums and has been getting into fights on the school bus.

7. Expert Parenting Tips (01:57) - A single father of an out of control child says spanking was suggested to him by a social worker. Because of his own history with violence he is determined not to use it on his own kids.

8. A Battle of Force (01:07) - Parenting experts weigh in on the discipline tactics used by a single father of an out of control child.

9. Empty Threats (01:38) - A 63 year old grandmother of three is using the threat of physical violence to try to control her grandchildren. Her parenting aid has made other suggestions but she does not believe they will work.

10. Escalating Violence in the Home (02:44) - A recent study found one in three parents is unable to effectively discipline their children. A panel of experts weighs in on a grandmother's use of threats and violence on the children she is raising.

11. Contradictory Behavior Cues (02:10) - A 36 year old single mother struggles to control her four year old daughter. Wild behavior seems to follow criticism as the child tries to understand what is expected of her.

12. Violence Across Generations (01:54) - A 36 year old single mother thinks she may be over-critical of her child because of her own father who served time in prison for child abuse.

13. Over Use of Discipline (01:08) - A parenting aide gives discipline advice to a single mother. Tips include timeouts, losing privileges and taking away toys.

14. Standoff Between Mother and Child (02:19) - Video of a mother and child shows that timeout doesn't always work to control an unruly child. Experts weigh in on this common form of discipline.

15. Reinforce the Positive (01:43) - Parenting experts agree that no method of discipline works better than telling kids what they are doing right.

16. Opportunities for Praise (02:12) - Recent studies show that change a parent's behavior to be more positive can decrease the production of stress hormones in a child's body. A child has almost no ability to learn in a negative moment.

17. Practicing Praise (01:18) - A parenting clinic uses role playing to teach parents how to encourage positive behavior in their kids using reward charts and compliments.

18. Walk Away from a Tantrum (01:19) - Parenting experts explain how to properly punish a child. Video shows what happens when a parent continues to engage with an out of control child.

19. Positive Reinforcement (01:45) - Experts say that praise can change a child's behavior no matter what their age. An exhausted grandmother of three does not believe that this method will work.

20. Making Progress (01:23) - A grandmother of three is still struggling to discipline the children she is raising. She admits that she believes the only discipline that works is violence.

21. Proper Parenting Technique (01:21) - A single father has seen the benefits of positive reinforcement. By offering praise freely and ignoring bad behavior his son is already behaving differently.

22. Gradual Progress (02:38) - A single mother struggles to discipline her child even after receiving help from parenting experts. With consistent reinforcement, her child's behavior is improving.