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Conversation Skills: On the Job and in the Community BOOK
Conversation Skills: On the Job and in the Community BOOK
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Resource #: PD304-CSOJ549W
Type: BOOK
Price: $49.95

Program Contents: 106 pages, soft covered. Includes a WIN/MAC CD with printable PDFs.

Captioning: N/A

Copyright Date: 2005

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Provides basic conversation skills to students with developmental disabilities and shows them how to initiate social interactions.

Non-disabled workers usually lose their jobs because of character issues, but workers with developmental disabilities often lose them because of poor conversation skills and the subsequent isolation from co-workers that results. Conversation Skills, authored by speech and language therapist Marilyn Banks, covers the gamut of basic and essential communication skills and helps young people enjoy successful job experiences and fulfilling, independent lives.

With 50-plus self-managed lessons, Conversation Skills is self-paced and takes only 12 weeks of bi-weekly, 10 minute training sessions during which students acquire a ready social repertoire.

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