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Dealing with Anger DVD
Dealing with Anger DVD
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Resource #: DWAD912W
Type: DVD
Price: $129.95

Program Contents: 18 minute DVD. Includes Teacher's Resource Book with Pre/Post-Tests.

Captioning: Closed Captioned

Copyright Date: 2000


Uncontrolled anger among teens is one of our nation’s largest concerns. This program gives middle school students the tools they need to recognize and deal with their own frustration and stress. This video explores a variety of situations that can trigger angry feelings – Erin is rejected by a boyfriend, PJ is embarrassed in front of his peers, Toby is taunted by a classmate. Each scenario invites class discussion. For each, a positive strategy is offered for expressing and channeling anger. This video also closely analyzes the consequences of misguided emotions and quick tempers. The program provides a solid set of alternatives for dealing with anger in a healthy way. The video and accompanying print materials teach students to take note of the warning signs of rage, to classify gradations of anger, and to appreciate the benefits of patience, self-control and other anger management techniques.

Produced by Human Relations Media, Inc.

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