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Developing Good Study Skills DVD
Developing Good Study Skills DVD
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Resource #: DGSD914W
Type: DVD
Price: $149.95

Program Contents:  Two 25 minute DVDs. Includes Teacher's Resource Book with Pre/Post-Tests.

Captioning: Closed Captioned

Copyright Date: 2004


This program includes two video's and a print component designed to instruct students on tried and true methods that will help them to study more effectively and achieve higher grades. The six basic skills highlighted are how to prioritize and manage your time, how to use the library to your best advantage, how to study using textbooks, how to take better notes, how to listen effectively and how to take tests.

The program begins by explaining several critical in-class skills, and then moves on to discuss successful techniques for studying at home. Effective test preparation is covered in depth, with strategy tips provided for multiple choice exams and other common test formats. The final section of the video explores how to be more efficient in writing research papers and using the library or internet appropriately. Follow-up activities in the Teacher’s Resource Book will reinforce the video’s message, and offer students the opportunity to examine the areas they need to improve in their own study skills techniques.

Produced by Human Relations Media, Inc.

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