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Disability and Sexuality: Exploring the Intimacy Option DVD
Disability and Sexuality: Exploring the Intimacy Option DVD
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Resource #: DASD016W
Type: DVD
Price: $169.95

Program Contents: 52 minute DVD

Captioned: None

Copyright Date: 2009

Available in the United States Only

Challenges the preconception that being physically disabled necessarily means a lack of desire for physical intimacy. Through candid interviews with people who have substantial physical disabilities—cases involving paraplegia, quadriplegia, kyphoscoliosis, neuromuscular disorders, and other conditions—the video expresses their needs as human beings, examines constraints placed upon them by their conditions as well as by the medical and residential facilities that serve them, and spotlights high-minded organizations prepared to assist them in having loving experiences. Filmed in Europe, Disability and Sexuality offers insights into issues that transcend national boundaries and find common ground in the heart.

Contains mature themes and clinically explicit language.

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