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Disciplining Kids: Without Screaming & Scolding DVD
Disciplining Kids: Without Screaming & Scolding DVD
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Resource #: DKWD099W
Type: DVD
Price: $99.95

Program Contents: 22 minute DVD

Captioning: None

Copyright Date: 2008

Available in the United States Only

Ah, the joys of parenthood! They include shaving cream all over the bathroom mirror, bubble gum in the hair, and wads of toilet paper plastered to the ceiling. What's a parent to do? Give up? Scream? or simply yell, "Stop it you little brat or I'll flush YOU down the toilet"?

This practical video paints a dramatic picture of the wrong way to discipline kids and shows clear, practical alternatives.

Viewers learn: 
 That parents often unknowingly repeat the style of discipline used in their own upbringing. They might shout and scream simply because they believe "that's how parents behave."
That paying attention mainly to a kid's bad behavior only teaches that misbehaving gains attention. Watch the efforts of a variety of parents to encourage good behavior instead of condemning misbehavior.
How to use effective encouragement. For example, "You ate all your veggies. What a good girl!" is not effective. Being a "good girl" should not depend on vegetable eating.
That sometimes kids do have to be reprimanded. This program demonstrates the typical and ineffective way to reprimand- criticism, put downs and threats, and then shows alternatives such as being specific, presenting a choice within limits and giving a reason why the behavior is wrong.