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Dollars & Sense: Banking CD-ROM
Dollars & Sense: Banking CD-ROM
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Resource #: DSBC180W
Type: CD-ROM
Price: $80.95

Program Contents: Single Workstation WIN/MAC CD-ROM

Captioned: None

System Requirements: Windows Vista / Windows 7: 1 GHz 32 BIT (x86) or 64 BIT (x64) processor, 1 GB of system memory, DirectX 9 graphics support.  Macintosh: Mac OS 10.1.5, PowerMacintosh, 128 MB RAM

Copyright Date: 2009


Has everything you need to help teach your students how to make positive financial decisions and live in the real world.

You get the following activities:

• Check it Out — a simulation in which students will maintain a personal checking account involving all types of transactions. They'll make deposits, ATM withdrawals, write checks, use their debit cards, maintain their register and reconcile with their account statement.
• A tutorial with integrated study questions
• A unique, real-life simulation
• A math challenge with 4 difficulty levels
• Creative writing assignments
• A trivia game with 5 categories
• A careers exploration
• Video presentations and games
• A comprehensive glossary
• Lesson Plans - Step-by-step lesson plans for using the whole program or just the activities you need. The lesson plans include a printed list of the tutorial study questions, step-by-step math challenge solutions and all the trivia challenge questions with answers.
• An Assessment - An extensive, reproducible assessment so you can measure what your students have learned.

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