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Emotion Commotion DVD Series
Emotion Commotion DVD Series
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Resource #: PD474-EMCD026W
Type: DVD
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t: 41 minute Three DVD Set. Includes Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts with pre/post test.

Captioned: Closed captioned

Copyright Date: 2009


Three live-action videos help young viewers understand what emotions are, why there is no such thing as a bad emotion, and how they can get a handle on strong feelings like anger, sadness, frustration and disappointment. Students will learn that powerful and upsetting emotions happen everyday, from a soccer game defeat, to a sick pet, to forgetting homework, to a family emergency and more. These emotions require some basic coping strategies to help gain understanding and perspective. Age appropriate scenarios offer the message that kids can take control of their emotions and feel better about themselves.

Part One – Angry? Sad? Feels Bad!

Madison learns that her family will be moving because of her dad’s new job. Danny has just learned that his dog is very sick and has to go the animal hospital. Sandra is upset because her play date was canceled. Each scenario identifies the emotions and gives suggestions for handling them.

Part Two –When Worry and Fear Appear

Sam is getting stomach cramps because of his upcoming recital. Melissa is afraid of meeting new people in unfamiliar surroundings. Cassie has a fear of the water. Explains the “flight or fight” response and models appropriate coping strategies.

Part Three – The Stress Mess

Sandra is feeling stressed in her efforts to improve her swimming times. With swim team practice pressures, her schedule has become too overwhelming. Madison learns that “talking it out” with a friend or parent is a good way to reduce stress. Danny learns how to use positive self-talk to turn his negative feelings into positive feelings.

Produced by Human Relations Media Inc