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Explore Your Community - Complete Kit
Explore Your Community - Complete Kit
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Resource #: EYCK019W
Type: DVD
Price: $249.00

Program Contents: Includes a 254-page Student Book, a consumable Student Workbook, a "Community Explorer" DVD (60 minutes), a 108-page Instructor’s Guide with a PDF Win/Mac disc, image library, and a Classroom License for printouts, Community Success Software and iPad App.

Captioning: Closed Captioned and Subtitled

Copyright Date: 2009

Grade Levels: Grades 6 - 12

A skills-based curriculum for completing daily living skills independently in the community.

Product Features:

  • Adolescents and adults develop an understanding of social cues and expectations in their everyday life
  • 24 community-oriented lessons grouped by activity such as getting transportation, or being at home with friends
  • Integrates printed information with video models and role play scenarios to further generalization and understanding
  • Each lesson can be used as a stand-alone or in aggregate to create a naturally occurring sequence of skills
  • Use for a full-year curriculum or based on need
  • Student book includes images above words as visual prompts

Lesson Sequence:

    Anticipatory activity
    2-page essay
    Photo sequence
    Social skill training
    Comprehension activity
    Community-based extension

A full-year curriculum, written by Don Bastian, for transition students stressing essential skills for successful independent living.  The 24 lessons cover transportation, shopping, dining, banking and recreation.  Students participate in a consistent lesson sequence: answer anticipatory questions, study vocabulary, read an illustrated essay, watch a step-by-step video, follow a photo sequence, practice social skills, complete a comprehesion test, and act out role plays.

Features: 24 sequenced lessons, full-year curriculm, designed for adolescents and adults, age-appropriate content and graphics, accommodations for nonreaders, video modeling DVD, video, print-based, and role playing activities social skill emphasis, and PDF with classroom license for printouts.

This comprehensive program covers the basics like Operating an Elevator and Dining in a Fast Food Restaurant, as well as Riding a Bus and Asking for Help.

Explore Your Community is a blended curriculum, seamlessly integrating print materials with video, software, and an iPad app. This blended approach increases student engagement while helping you teach students with varying abilities and learning preferences.

The print component features a heavily illustrated Student Book with problem solving and comprehension quizzes. Activities are presented in a consistent sequence: anticipatory questions, vocabulary, 2-page essay, step-by-step photos, and activity-specific social skills. The Instructor’s Guide includes lesson plans, student performance checklists, community extension activities, and role play scenarios. The 24 video segments on DVD present each activity step by step with narrators highlighting important points and relevant social skills. The Community Success Software and App meld the Student Book with videos for easy-to-navigate multimedia programs.