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Food Safety
Food Safety
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Resource #: SAFETY-WHR-D014W
Type: DVD
Price: $158.99

Program Contents: 25 minute DVD

Captioning: Closed captioned

Copyright Date: 2007

What is the leading cause of food poisoning? E. Coli? Pesticides? Not even close. The leading cause of food borne illness is consumer ignorance. Think of this video as preventive medicine. Experts estimate food borne illness accounts for over 300,000 hospital admissions yearly. Most cases are mild, yet experts estimate over 5,000 die each year from food poisoning.


  • How to handle food safely and prevent illness.
  • How to keep dangerous bacteria from growing into a health hazard.
  • How to take simple (but not always obvious) safeguards when preparing and storing food.
  • How to protect against possible cross-contamination.
  • That the common belief about how to tell when meat is cooked through might not work.
  • What temperatures should food be cooked to in order to protect against food poisoning?
  • Emphasize the “why” of food handling instead of a series of rules.