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Getting It Right at the Interview DVD
Getting It Right at the Interview DVD
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Resource #: GIRD-GERD112W
Type: DVD
Price: $129.95

Program Contents:  24 minute DVD

Captioning: Subtitled

Copyright Date: 2009


Job interviews are, by nature, challenging and stressful—but they don’t have to be a complete mystery. This program illustrates the basic interview format that most applicants can expect and the best way to deal with each phase of it. Featuring a dramatized case study, the video follows a discouraged young woman who has gone through a series of disastrous interviews. With help from an interview coach, she learns how to identify her strengths, practice with mock interviews, implement listening and communication skills, adopt a professional appearance, use appropriate body language, and convey potential with the S.T.A.R. system. Correlates to all applicable National and State Educational Standards including the NCLB Act. 

Segments in this Video - (14)
1. Introduction: Getting Right at the Interview (01:43) - 
After 15 unsuccessful job interviews a professional is going to help a student get her first job.
2. Preparation (01:36) - Getting a job starts with finding a job. Job seeking is a time consuming process. There is no point in applying for positions the job seeker is not suitable for or does not want in the first place.
3. Getting an Interview (01:14) - There are two reasons a job seeker may not get an interview. The employer may not think the applicant is capable or they may not fit in with the company. A good cover letter and resume let the employer know what the applicant has to offer.
4. Summary: Preparation (01:13) - Preparing an accurate resume and finding a suitable position are essential when looking for a new job.
5. Preparing for the Interview (01:24) - Skills and experience are products the job seeker must sell to the interviewer. Knowing what type of interview is going to take place will help the applicant be better prepared.
6. Understanding Interviews (01:55) - In order to answer questions successfully at a factual interview, the applicant must know what the company is looking for in an employee. At a behavioral interview the applicant will have to explain how they handle different situations.
7. Summary: Preparing for the Interview (01:28) - Being prepared for an interview involves knowledge of the five types of interviews, the two styles of interview questions, and an understanding of what skills are needed to meet the employer's needs.
8. Part 1: Mock Interview - How Not to do an Interview (01:26) - Mock interviews can help a job seeker get prepared. It is a good idea to arrive a few minutes early to a job interview. It is also important to dress appropriately and sit up straight.
9. Part 3: Mock Interview - How Not to do an Interview (02:01) - 
Job interview questions should be answered in a way that will proved the employer with information about the applicant. Cellular phones should not be brought into job interviews.
10. Summary: Mock Interviews- How Not to do an Interview (01:09) - 
When arriving at a job interview it is important to be punctual and well presented. Mobile phones should always be turned off before going into an interview. The applicant should anticipate questions and prepare informative answers.
11. Putting it all Together (02:07) - Getting a job interview is an indicator that the employer is interested in the applicant. Good presentation at an interview indicates that the applicant is taking the job seriously.
12. Summary: Putting it all Together (01:35) - Getting an interview means the applicant has a chance of getting the job. Presentation and preparation are essential. Research is a good way to combat low confidence.
13. The Interview (03:10) - Good presentation is essential to make a good impression at a job interview. It is also important to research the company and show an interest in the job being applied for.
14. Summary: The Interview (01:18) - First impressions are an important part of job interviews. The applicant should be prepared to answer questions and should remain positive throughout the interview.

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