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HIPAA in Home Care DVD
HIPAA in Home Care DVD
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Resource #: HCCDH913W
Type: DVD
Price: $158.99

Program Contents: 23 minutes.

Captioning: None

Copyright Date: 2009

Volume 15

Respecting clients' rights to confidentiality is an important part of providing good home care. Privacy rights are legally enforced through a federal law titled HIPAA. This DVD describes HIPAA guidelines and teaches home care providers about the importance of maintaining confidentiality in a variety of settings.

Topics include:

• Respecting your client's right to privacy
• Definition and purpose of HIPAA
• Most common identifiers for Protected Health Information (PHI)
• The Minimum Use requirement
• Protecting your client's privacy and redirecting questions
• Client rights to view his/her own medical records
• Knowing who is authorized to receive medical information
• Medical records management and security
• Proper disposal of Protected Health Information
• Computer and email security
• HIPAA guidelines for telephone and fax
• HIPAA penalties for individuals and agencies

Program comes with support materials, which include outline, learning objectives, key points and definitions, test and answer key.

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