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Hallmarks of Good Mental Health DVD
Hallmarks of Good Mental Health DVD
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Resource #: PD352-HALD113W
Type: DVD
Price: $139.95

Program Contents: 17 minute DVD. Includes Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts. DVD Contains Spanish Subtitles.

Captioned: Closed captioned

Copyright Date: 2011


This program helps viewers recognize the six key qualities that define good mental health in adolescence—having satisfying relationships, being happy with one’s academic achievements, maintaining clear and achievable goals, being capable of delaying immediate gratification, making good choices and resisting unhealthy peer pressure. Having a strong sense of self-esteem is especially highlighted: if you do not feel good about yourself, you are more likely to limit yourself and make bad choices. Each of the hallmarks is clearly demonstrated by real teens in a variety of settings, including at school, at home and at play. The peer-to-peer approach focuses students’ attention on the key qualities that they should acquire as they make their way through adolescence.

Chapter Selection:

1. Introduction
2. Positive Self-Esteem
3. Satisgying Interpersonal Relationships
4. Academic Success
5. Having Future Goals
6. Making Good Choices
7. Ability to Delay Gratification
8. Resiliency
9. Review and Conclusion

Produced by Human Relations Media Inc