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How to Assist With Medications DVD
How to Assist With Medications DVD
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Resource #: HCCDX113W
Type: DVD
Price: $139.95

Program Contents: 13 minute DVD.

Captioned: None

Copyright Date: 2010

(Developed for Unlicensed Home Care Personnel)

Caregiving Series Volume 16

This program teaches unlicensed home care personnel how to assist with medications and remain within their scope of practice.
Topics include:
• How aging changes responses to medications
• Types of adverse reactions and side effects
• Procedures for assisting with medications
• Inquiring about whether medications were taken
• Handing the appropriately marked medication organizer to the client
• Opening the container if the client is unable to do so
• Giving a glass of water
• The role of the nurse and family caregiver in relation to medications
• The Five Rs
• Types of medication
• Medications storage
• Medications disposal

Program comes with support materials, which include outline, learning objectives, key points and definitions, test and answer key.

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