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I Know How to Act DVD
I Know How to Act DVD
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Resource #: IKHD089W
Type: DVD
Price: $89.95

Program Contents: 14 minute DVD. Includes 20 page Teaching Guide.

Captioned: Closed captioned

Copyright Date: 2010

Friends are particularly important to a young person with special needs and having the right skills can make all the difference.

I Know How to Act is a play within a play, featuring both students with special needs and typically developing peers acting out different social behaviors. This program takes an original and unique approach to conveying social and leadership skills in a way kids can easily understand. It is also an especially good representation of inclusion.

Key points are marked throughout the program where the teacher can stop the DVD for supplemental class discussion.

Topics include:
• Cognitive challenges
• Dating
• Friendship
• Inclusion
• Other social and leadership skills