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Including Samuel DVD
Including Samuel DVD
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Resource #: SAM-ISAD718W
Type: DVD
Price: $189.95

Program Contents: 58 minute DVD. Comes with 30 page Educational guide.

Captioning: Closed captioned, audio description and subtitled in 17 languages 

Copyright Date: 2007

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Photojournalist Dan Habib rarely thought about inclusion before his son Samuel was born. Now he thinks about inclusion every day.

Habib’s documentary film “Including Samuel” examines the educational and social inclusion of youth with disabilities. The film is built on the efforts of the Habib family to include Samuel, who is seven, in all facets of their lives.

Inclusion is a critically important issue for millions of American families. According to the United States Dept. of Health and Human Services, 4.5 million American children – or approximately one in every 18 – have a developmental disability. With inclusion, these children get to participate in everyday life with their peers. They attend the same classes and community activities and, as a result, they enjoy the same opportunities to succeed in life.

Including Samuel is a very personal and moving film that chronicles the challenges and opportunities presented by inclusion. It explores how inclusion can transform the lives of children, their families, and their teachers. The film also examines the sometimes painful process of changing the way we educate and support children with disabilities. In addition to chronicling the experiences of the Habib family, Including Samuel also features four other families with varied inclusion experiences, plus interviews with teachers, parents and disability rights experts.

DVD Contains:
• 17 languages subtitles including: Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Swedish
• Audio description and closed captioning in English
• Extended interviews with inclusion experts Norman Kunc, Keith Jones, John Hockenberry and others
• A discussion on inclusion by subjects in the film.
• NHPTV Outlook: The Impact of Including Samuel
• And more!

Educational Guide Contains:
• Authored by Dan Habib, Mary Schuh, PH.D., and Dr. Cheryl Jorgensen,Ph.D(both of the University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability)
• Extensive discussion questions & viewing tips
• Inclusion myths & realities
• A teacher's view on inclusion
• A synopsis of the major figures in the film
• A primer on language around disability
• Action ideas for you and your community
•A roadmap to

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