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Inside Dyslexia DVD
Inside Dyslexia DVD
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Resource #: IDYD816W
Type: DVD
Price: $169.95

Program Contents: 57 minute

Captioning: Subtitled

Copyright Date: 2007


Often viewed as a weakness, dyslexia actually means that a person processes information differently, and many with the disorder have learned to see it as a strength. This program illustrates the challenges faced by Amanda, Carmen, and Gio—three young people living with dyslexia—through personal interviews with them and those close to them. Viewers are guided into their unique and often overlooked world, made clear through eye-opening scenes at school and home. Produced by filmmakers who are themselves dyslexic, the film serves as a tool for educating others about dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia, and for identifying a common vocabulary that can bridge the gap between those with and without learning disabilities.