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Instruction For All Students DVD
Instruction For All Students DVD
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Resource #: IASD099W
Type: DVD
Price: $99.95

Program Contentes: 29 minute DVD

Captioning: None

Copyright Date: 2006

Available in the United States Only


With its wealth of strategies for use in the classroom, Instruction For All Students demonstrates how students of all stripes can become engaged learners and revel in increased achievement. Vivid classroom scenes illustrate the ideal structure and pace of a solidly designed lesson and its possible components, such as: modeling, use of role-playing, teaching new skills, assigning homework, creating and using assessments, and providing constructive feedback. Also shown are tactics such as problem-based learning and the Socratic method of questioning, and the means by which these may be used to deepen student understanding and to help students develop higher-level thinking skills.

Viewers observe flexible grouping in action and learn how to determine when it's appropriate to use whole group instruction, cooperative groups, or have students work independently or in pairs. They learn when and how to use centers in elementary classrooms. Numerous scenarios for creating different types of groups are linked to varying content, instructional objectives, and student learning styles. Further, we discuss strategies to help teachers detect and understand their students’ needs, and to assist students with special learning needs.

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