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Kidability DVD
Kidability DVD
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Resource #: PD129-KIDD414W
Type: DVD
Price: $149.95

Program Contents:
KidAbility - 26 minutes
KidAbility Two - 24 minutes

Captioning: Closed captioned

Copyright Date:
KidAbility - 1999
KidAbility Two - 2001

Preview - Kidability Watch Preview




Children host this video and educate themselves and viewers about disabilities. While profiling adults and children who talk candidly about their disabilities, the children learn that people are more alike than different. Along the way they also learn about various assistive technology devices and how people deal with obstacles in everyday life from using a telephone to participating in sporting activities.

This fast-paced program is crafted to foster sensitivity toward others and acceptance of people with disabilities. KidAbility includes loads of digital effects which will keep kids watching and learning! It provides some general disability etiquette guidelines that both children and adults can benefit from. Recommended for children and teens grades K-12.


Hosted by teenagers, this video shows many different types of assistive technologies, how they work and how to use them.

Kids are curious, but often afraid to ask about assistive technology devices they see being used. In this video viewers will learn that something as simple as a tape recorder can be used as an assistive device.

Viewers will also be introduced to eye blink, voice activated and ribbon switches, JAWS computer program, head mouse, communication boards and other devices.

Watch the technology in action as people with disabilities explain the devices they use in their every day lives. Viewers will also get an up-close look and ride in a van that has been modified for use by a person that is paraplegic.

This 24-minute video is designed as an introduction to assistive technology for kids with and without disabilities, and will increase understanding and sensitivity towards people with disabilities.

Recommended for grades 5-12, this video is fast paced and uses digital effects to keep kids watching and learning. Adults will learn a great deal from it too!

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