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Life Cycle: How We Grow and Change Curriculum
Life Cycle: How We Grow and Change Curriculum
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Resource #: LFCC129W
Type: DVD
Price: $299.95

Program Contents: 240 page Curriculum in 3-Ring Binder.

Captioned: None

Copyright Date: 2008


By Sherrie M. Vavrichek, LCSW-C and R. Kay Tolle, LCSW-C; illustrated by Randy Getz Rosenblum, BFA.

This comprehensive curriculum is designed for adolescents and adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities. The curriculum addresses the major aspects of psycho-social and sexual development throughout the human life cycle. Self-esteem, privacy awareness, respectful relationships, independence, appropriate/inappropriate touch, and abuse prevention are some of the key concepts emphasized, along with physical growth and change. Life Cycle is engaging and practical, using short, easy-to-read lessons and activities with accompanying illustrations that encourage discussion and learning.

The completion of the entire course features the assembly of student-made Life Cycle notebooks that each participant keeps for reference. The curriculum binder includes an instructor’s guide, pre- and post- tests, chapter quizzes, lessons plans and over 100 student lessons and activities as well as a CD with full color illustrations to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Curriculum Includes:
• Preparation Guidelines and General Instructions
• Chapter  1 - Introduction
• Chapter  2 - Baby
• Chapter  3 - Toddler
• Chapter  4 - Child
• Chapter  5 - Teen
• Chapter  6 - Young Adult
• Chapter  7 - Middle Aged Adult
• Chapter  8 - Senior Citizen
• Chapter  9 - Death
• Chapter 10 - Overview