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Look 'n Cook Microwave Package
Look 'n Cook Microwave Package
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Resource #: LCMP179W
Type: DVD
Price: $79.95

Program Contents: 107 page covered spiral bound Microwave Cookbook, 80 page covered spiral bound Lesson Plans and PDF on WIN/MAC CD-ROM with a classroom license for printouts.

Captioned: None

Copyright Date: 2011


Learning to cook your own food is both fun and challenging.  It's also a major step in becoming more independent.  This makes food preparation an important goal for everyone.

For people who have no cooking experience and those who have little reading ability, learning to cook can be more of a challenge than fun.  This book uses step-by-step pictures to illustrate recipes and the pictorial presentation of simple recipes makes cooking accessible to more people.

The Cookbook has 68 updated, easy-to-make microwave recipes that combine packaged and from-scratch foods. Recipes are illustrated step by step, so even nonreaders can become successful cooks. 

Lesson Plans has 32 lessons based on the Cookbook’s recipes, and focus on safety, nutrition, meal planning, and microwave techniques. Lesson Plans book includes a PDF for printing recipe pages for students.

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