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Making a Good Impression: Resumes Interviews & Appearance DVD
Making a Good Impression: Resumes, Interviews & Appearance DVD
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Resource #: MGID913W
Type: DVD
Price: $139.95

Program Contents: 25 minutes. Includes Teacher's Resource Book with Pre/Post-Tests.

Captioning: Closed captioned

Copyright Date: 2004


In a fast-paced world of emails and text messaging, it’s easy for young people to forget the importance of concise business writing with a courteous presentation. Indeed, many teens may not realize that the ‘laid-back’ communication style that is common at school is far from appropriate in the world of work.

This video brings viewers back to basics: how to write a proper resume, what to wear on a job interview, and how to behave appropriately in the workplace. Viewers will enjoy a series of dramatic (and sometimes comical) vignettes that identify what is—and is not—proper workplace behavior.

Special emphasis is given to the importance of good speaking and writing skills. Treating bosses and colleagues with due respect is also presented as a crucial part of being a successful employee. Follow-up activities in the Teacher’s Resource Book will help students improve their writing abilities, and offer role-play opportunities to practice proper workplace behaviors.

Produced by Human Relations Media, Inc.

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