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Mental Health and the Human Mind Video Clips DVD
Mental Health and the Human Mind Video Clips DVD
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Resource #: PD345-MHHD899W
Type: DVD
Price: $99.95

Program Contents: 51 minute DVD

Captioning: Subtitled

Copyright Date: 2007


This collection of 34 video clips takes a close look at mental health and the human mind. Aspects of chronic stress, sleep disorders, seasonal affective disorder, depression, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia are covered, along with insights into brain architecture and the psychological benefits of exercising, meditating, and having a pet.
Includes 18 mental health and 16 human mind video clips.

Mental Health:
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• Schizophrenic Brain
• Genetic Schizophrenia
• Antidepressants and Cellular Growth
• Imaging Antidepressant Accuracy
• Depression and Hearing Tests
• Exercise and Depression
• Older Women and Exercise
• Exercise Prescription
• Generational Depression
• Panic Disorder
• Puppy Love
• Post-Stress Drugs
• Meditation Changes Brains
• Sunny Mood
• Hypnosis Surgery
• Fearless Gene
• Trauma Control

The Human Mind:
• What Sex Is Your Brain
• Stress Changes Your Brain
• Humor and the Sexes
• Racist Brain Region
• Brain-Based Bias
• Troubled Teens
• Wiring the Brain
• Sleepless Students
• Snooze You Can Use
• Sleeping Yourself Sick
• Get Out of Bed
• Catching Up on Sleep
• TV and Sleep
• Sleep and Brain Chemistry
• Making Memories
• Brain Viagra


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