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Modified Caregiver Strain Index DVD
Modified Caregiver Strain Index DVD
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Resource #: MOCD112W
Type: DVD
Price: $129.95

Program Contents: 32 minute DVD

Captioned: None

Copyright Date: 2009
Caring for a family member can bring a gamut of emotional and physical strains that affect the health of the caregiver and the quality of care they are able to provide. The Modified Caregiver Strain Index (CSI) is an assessment tool designed to both measure the stress of caregiving, and to highlight areas that the family caregiver should address.  It explores the 4 Domains of Caregiving-- physical, psychological, financial, and personal, and provides a framework in which care professionals can help family caregivers to acknowledge and address these specific areas. 

Chapter Selection:
Chapter 1 - Measuring the Effects of Caregiving
Chapter 2 - Understanding the Physical and Emotional Tolls of Caregiving

Produced by Terra Nova Films for American Journal of Nursing