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More Power: Instruction in Co-Taught Classrooms DVD
More Power: Instruction in Co-Taught Classrooms DVD
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Resource #: MPID918W
Type: DVD
Price: $189.95

Program Contents: 160 minute DVD.  Includes 27 page digital facilitator's guide.

Captioning: Closed Captioned

Copyright Date: 2010

More Power: Instruction in Co-Taught Classrooms, builds on the six co-teaching approaches Dr. Friend made famous in the Power of 2 DVD by presenting seven key dimensions of effective instructional practices across K-12 settings. This next generation of co-teaching empowers teachers and gives students a richer and deeper classroom experience. This DVD incorporating evidence-baced strategies, demonstrates how to get more power from your co-teaching to improve outcomes for all students.

The seven dimensions shown are:

• Assessment & Planning (23:30)
• Content, Materials, & Technology (26:00)
• Instructional Environment (19:40)
• Instructional Presentation (19:00)
• Student Participation (15:30)
• Evaluation of Performance (19:10)
• Adult Interactions (18:10)

Bonus Section:  Brief review of the 6 co-teaching approaches—the scaffolding on which this DVD is constructed.

Getting the Most From This DVD:  Each of the sections is designed to be viewed separately, and in any order. We encourage creative professional developers and others using this program to match co-teachers' needs to appropriate video segments and draw on the digital facilitator's guide to encourage discussion of the many ideas presented.

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