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Multiple Sclerosis: Attacking the Nervous System DVD
Multiple Sclerosis: Attacking the Nervous System DVD
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Resource #: MSAD914W
Type: DVD
Price: $149.95

Program Contents: 23 minutes

Captioning: None

Copyright Date: 2002

Available in the United States Only

Until a cure for MS is discovered, medical science is doing all it can to help people delay the onset of MS and manage its symptoms so they can continue living physically active lives. In this program, Jerry Wolinsky and Staley Brod, of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, and patients with primary-progressive and relapsing-remitting MS share their insights.

After summarizing the disease's pathology, the program spotlights treatment using Copaxone and Novantrone, demonstrates the importance of patient support groups, and considers the possibility that environmental factors can trigger MS in people with a genetic predisposition to it.