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Person To Person DVD
Person To Person DVD
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Resource #: PD153-PTPD779W
Type: DVD
Price: $40.00

Program Contents: 52 minutes. Comes with 17-page Person to Person Discussion Guide (PDF).
Captioning: None
Copyright Date: 1991
A video and discussion guide that will open communication about sexuality to parents, professionals and persons with developmental disabilities. Person to Person was developed by Mary Ann Carmody. She brings to this production more than ten years experience as a sexuality educator with special needs populations. It sensitively tackles a variety of sexual issues in an open and honest manner.
Both parents and their adult children are allowed to express themselves on sexuality subjects related to menstruation, abuse, assertion, safety behavior, marriage and AIDS. The resulting awareness for all concerned can only enhance opportunities for the independence and self-esteem so important to any healthy, adult lifestyle.

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