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PossAbilities - Student Manual Only
PossAbilities - Student Manual Only
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Resource #: POSP729W
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Program Contents:
One (1) 82-page Student Manual only.

Product Family: Designed for use with PossAbilities - Complete Book Package. Additional Instructor Manuals available.

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Copyright Date: 2007

By Rebecca Koller, M.Ed. With Winifred Kempton, MSS

PDF - PossAbilities Book  View PDF - Student Manual - Table of Contents



Student Manual only.

Student Manual for the PossAbilities curriculum, which  designed to help students with disability understand and embrace their own sexuality by learning how to make and accept responsibility for making personal choices. Provides step-by-step guidance for examining relationship and self-esteem issues, including: self-image, emotions, values, and attitudes; relationships, sexuality, health, safety and positive adult behavior.