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Power of RTI DVD
Power of RTI DVD
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Resource #: PORD813W
Type: DVD
Price: $139.95

Program Contents: 68 minutes

Captioning: Closed Captioned

Copyright Date: 2009

Response to Intervention is an effective method for helping struggling learners achieve academic success. The good news is that RTI can also be a powerful management approach to challenging behaviors in the classroom.

Jim Wright, widely renowned authority on RTI and author of the national best seller, RTI Toolkit: A Practical Guide for Schools, presents powerful strategies for structuring classroom routines that minimize opportunities for student misbehavior. He focuses on TIER I techniques which address:

• Classroom rules, routines, and schedules
• Positive behavioral expectations
• Simple strategies to manage defiant and non-compliant students
• Targeted use of rewards and feedback
• Structured lessons to incorporate meaningful student choices
• Management of daily classroom transitions

It also provides constructive and positive approaches to address student misbehavior, if and when it occurs. Learn how to implement RTI to create optimal learning environments with a minimum of discipline and behavior problems.