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Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict DVD
Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict DVD
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Resource #: PSRD112W
Type: DVD
Price: $129.95

Program Contents:  19 minute DVD

Captioning: Subtitled

Copyright Date: 2009


Managing conflict effectively is essential to a productive work environment. This program plays out some of the potential conflicts that can occur in an aged care facility, shows the negative responses to disagreements, and then offers practical techniques to better deal with disagreements in a health care setting. Actors demonstrate how conflicts between staff and relatives can often be resolved by using fogging and negative assertion; how tension between peers can be alleviated by self-disclosure and free information; and how disagreements between staff and superiors can be dealt with using the broken-record, workable-compromise, and negative-inquiry techniques. 

Segments in this Video - (12)
1. Conflict Between Staff & Relatives (02:00) - 
Conflicts in the health care environment occur among staff, relatives, peers, doctors, and administration. in this scenario, a patient's relative demands answers from a staff member.
2. Aggressive vs. Appropriate Response to Conflict (01:27) - An aggressive response does nothing to affect the outcome. Assertive techniques include "fogging," or agreeing to the complaint; the second is "negative assertion."
3. Positive Responses to Conflict (01:07) - this segment offers a summary of the types of responses that can occur between patients' relatives and healthcare facility staff.
4. Conflict Between Peers (01:01) - Non-assertive responses and aggressive responses do not help solve problems between co-workers.
5. Successful Conflict Resolution (01:56) - Successful conflict resolution between peers relies on two skills. Listen to clues that other people provide (free information). Secondly, use self-disclosure to reveal information pertinent to the complaint.
6. Conflict Between Staff & Doctors (01:24) - A nurse's passive response to a doctor's behavior only serves to maintain the status quo. Aggression is equally unsuccessful in solving a problem.
7. Successful Conflict Resolution: Broken Record (01:48) - Using a technique called "broken record," a nurse successfully communicates the severity of a situation to an uncooperative physician.
8. Conflict Between Staff & Administration: Passive and Aggressive (01:22) - A staff's non-assertive response to an administrator's inaction does nothing to address the problem. By attacking an administration assistant with threats and demands, a staff member makes an enemy.
9. Successful Conflict Resolution: Workable Compromise (01:35) - A workable compromise can be used without risking self-respect. By offering something in negotiating a solution, often both parties are happy. A negative inquiry asks the person with the complaint if there are further criticisms.
10. Preparation for Conflict Resolution (01:04) - Preparation for conflict resolution can help get the best out of any difficult situation. Avoid being aggressive or non-assertive.
11. Review of Techniques (00:52) - This segment offers a review of fogging, negative assertion, and free information techniques for conflict resolution.
12. Effective Conflict Resolution Techniques (02:01) - This segment offers a review of self-disclosure, broken record, negative inquiry, and workable compromise techniques for conflict resolution.

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