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Reading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory - Additional Test Booklets
Reading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory - Additional Test Booklets
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Copyright Date: 2000/2001


PDF - Reading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory View PDF - Manual - Table of Contents



PDF - Reading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory View PDF - Manual - Sample Pages 1 - 10



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PDF - Reading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory View PDF - Test Booklet - Sample Pages



The Reading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory:2 (R-FVII:2) makes use of pictures of individuals engaged in different occupations and does not require reading comprehension or written language skills. It consists of a series of 55 sets of three drawings each, depicting different job tasks. Individual's are asked to mark the one occupational activity he or she most prefers in each set of pictures. Responses are keyed to yield scores in eleven interest areas and five clusters. A Cluster Quotient is obtained for each examinee from a combination of related interest area scores.

The interest categories are: Animal Care, Automotive, Building Trades, Clerical, Food Service, Horticulture, Housekeeping, Laundry Service, Materials Handling, Patient Care, and Personal Service. The clusters are: Mechanical, Outdoor, Mechanical/Outdoor, Clerical/Personal Care, and Food Service/Handling Operations.

Features & Benefits:
• Easy to administer and score
• Can be used with the mentally retarded, learning disabled & disadvantaged individual
• Explores a wide range of jobs at the unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled and technical levels
• Aids in career education, guidance, and vocational planning
• Pictures convey clear, visual descriptions of job tasks with associated tools and work areas
• From ages 13 to Adult

It is ideal for measuring the vocational likes and dislikes of students and adults with mental retardation, learning disabled, disadvantaged, or enrolled in alternative or vocational/career training programs and regular classrooms. The R-FVII:2 can be administered individually or to groups in less than 20 minutes. It may be given by teachers, psychologists, counselors, or other vocational & educational personnel in junior high or senior high.

The R-FVII:2 uses a single Inventory Booklet for both males and females; both sexes respond to the same illustrated job tasks in each of the occupational categories. The single form of the Inventory Booklet is in compliance with Title IX prohibiting sex discrimination in education.

Each Inventory Booklet has two detachable pages that provide a complete record of interest and cluster scores that is used as a permanent record of an individual's vocational likes and dislikes. Included on the examinee's record sheet is a descriptive rating chart where the examiner can indicate the occupational interest categories and clusters as: High, Above Average, Average, Below Average, or Low interest.

The Manual contains the normative tables and a description of the Scales and Clusters; suggested jobs within each of the categories, directions for administering, profiling, scoring, and interpreting the results. A complete profile is presented and interpreted with reported standard scores, percentile ranks and descriptive ratings.

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