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Real Life Teens: Teens & Disabilities DVD
Real Life Teens: Teens & Disabilities
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Resource #: RTDD-964W
Type: DVD
Price: $64.95

Program Contents: 18 minute DVD

Captioning: none

Copyright Date: 2007

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Part of the Real Life Teens Series

The Real Life Teens series takes an unbiased, realistic look, from the teen's perspective, at the wide variety of issues teens face today.  Featuring young teenagers (not actors) telling their stories, in their own words.

The series discusses many significant issues in adolescent society and cuts through many barriers with its honest and relevant advice.  The Real Life Teens is crafted by experts to solve pressing problems in today's high schools.  Give your students the advice and support they need in this complex and often overwhelming world.

This program discusses Teens and Disabilities and explores the different ways that disabilities can impact a teens life.  Teens learn that many different ways in which disabilities can manifest in people and how they should treat and react to other teens with disabilities.  In this program we will discuss students with disabilities and how the general student population can support them.

Subjects covered include:
•What is a disability?
•How to understand a disabled student
•Why those with disabilities are called "special"
•Showing respect and helping those who are disabled
•Special Education

This program is designed for use with a general high school audience, grades 8-12

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