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Safety Skills Reader BOOK
Safety Skills Reader BOOK
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Resource #: SAFB159W
Type: BOOK
Price: $59.95

Program Contents: 162 page Covered spiralbound book. Includes a PDF on Win/Mac CD with a classroom license for printouts.

Captioned: None

Copyright Date: 2008

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Safety Skills Reader features 26 illustrated stories covering essential everyday safety skills. Each four- to six-page story is wonderfully illustrated in a graphic novel style using adult characters with text written at a 3rd grade reading level—making it ideal for transition students with development disabilities. Teachers can read the story to the class and students follow along in their own book or with print outs from the provided PDF. Stories end with study questions and basic vocabulary definitions.

Story titles include:
• Pedestrian Safety
• Passenger Safety
• Bicycle Safety
• Getting Lost
• Work Safety
• Fire Safety
• Bathroom Safety
• Medicine Cabinet Safety
• Kitchen/Dinning Room Safety
• Mealtime
• Putting Food Away/Doing Dishes
• Doing Dishes by Hand
• Dishwasher Safety
• Clothes Washer/Dryer Safety
• Garbage Disposal Safety
• Plus more