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Setting the Stage DVD
Setting the Stage DVD
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Resource #: SETD099W
Type: DVD
Price: $99.95

Program Contents: 24 minute DVD

Captioning: None

Copyright Date: 2004

Availble in the United Staes Only


Educators discuss the most recent reseach and theories on the assessment of young children.  Helps new teachers recognize how children can be observed within the context of their play as well as their culture, and see how these observations contribute to an understanding of a child's overall development.

The validity of Authentic Assessment techniques to chart children's growth and development is contrasted with the use of standardized testing.  The limits of standardized testing are discussed by center directors, education coordinators and representatives of national organizations.  Viewers will see how Authentic Assessment techniques give teachers and parents the total picture of a young child's development.  The importance of these assessments in informing funding sources and other stakeholders is also addressed.