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Specific Natural Activity Program (SNAP)
Specific Natural Activity Program (SNAP)
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Resource #: SNAP739W
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Program Contents: 461-page spiral-bound curriculum. Comes with set of color coded flash cards.

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Copyright Date: 2010

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The Specific Natural Activity Program (SNAP) is designed to assist agency staff, counselors, teachers and parents, in providing age-appropriate basic skills training for adults with developmental disabilities. The SNAP curriculum applies to everyday tasks and deals with more than 200 topics. These are typical issues faced by adults with developmental disabilities that are best learned out in the community, not in a classroom. Instruction is not meant to be overwhelming.

Success is based on the performance of skills discussed in the curriculum and demonstrated in real-life settings.

Using SNAP To Teach Everyday Tasks
Using teachable moments in appropriate settings provide opportunities to review curriculum, such as “Hygiene Manners” (Hygiene) or “Interpreting What People Say,” (Communication).

Creating a task analysis for public transit, for example – can include learning how to handle getting off the bus at the wrong location.

Each SNAP curriculum is presented as a 10-minute informal chat session, conducted within the natural setting where the skill will actually be used, including:
Personal Safety: Know Your Address/Phone Number; Safety Awareness; Calling The 911 Emergency Number.
Community Surroundings: Where Am I?; Street Names and Numbers.
Stranger Awareness: What Is A Stranger? Friends and Acquaintances.
Communication: How Do I Tell People What I Want/Don’t Want (Assertive Communication); Making Choices; Consequences.
Emotions: Dealing With Emotions; Developing A Self Control Plan.

SNAP Flash Cards
There are flash cards included with 9 of the curriculum topics. Green cards indicate very basic concepts. Yellow cards indicate more advanced concepts. Blue cards indicate no distinction in level of concept. The cards are used to stimulate participation in the discussion by consumers.

SNAP is an excellent training tool for:
Giving new staff an idea of issues facing adults with developmental disabilities.
Helping consumers overcome their barriers.

Ensuring that staff have not omitted a particular step in skills training
Providing the consumer with reasonably-sized pieces of information.

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