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Tackle Wellness DVD
Tackle Wellness DVD
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Resource #: PD325-TAWD995W
Type: DVD
Price: $95.95

Program Contents:  50 minute DVD, Tri-Fold Instructional Pack, 15 activities using 3 different types of equipment, 30 exercise tracking forms - 10 for each exercise category 

Captioning: None

Copyright Date: 2008


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Exercise Physiologist and Former Pittsburgh Steeler, Jon Kolb, holds a Masters Degree from Slippery Rock University and has devoted his career after football to teaching people about the importance of fitness and wellness.

In the ‘Pre Game’ segment you will learn about the goals, benefits and health risk factors to be considered before implementing a wellness program. Learn the difference between wellness and fitness programs.

During the ‘Game Plan’ portion you will learn important basic information as well as components of a wellness program, anatomical terms and equipment needed before implementing your program.

The ‘Play by Play’ segment will break the core strength building program down to entry level and level 1 activities to increase stability, strength and balance. Learn about stability balls, balance activities and other exercise equipment.

The materials accompanying this DVD are designed for the individual who will be developing and implementing a wellness program for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Includes instructions and coaching points for 15 activities covering 3 categories of equipment: stretch band, BOSU, and Stability Ball.

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