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Teamwork and Team Play: How to Be a Good Sport DVD
Teamwork and Team Play: How to Be a Good Sport DVD
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Resource #: TWPD099W
Type: DVD
Price: $111.93

Program Contents: 15 minute DVD. Includes Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts with pre/post test.

Captioned: Closed captioned

Copyright Date: 2009


A series of humorous vignettes helps students explore the benefits of working as a team—whether in the context of sports, school, family, workplace or community. Using a “TV sports commentary” style, viewers learn that team spirit means having a goal, a “game” strategy, good communications, and a willingness to work together to accomplish that goal. Individual preferences need to be put aside. No sulking or complaining allowed. Keep a positive attitude. The entire team effort is what counts. Examples include a family working together to accomplish chores; a school-wide ecology project; and a basketball team that learns there is more to the game than winning. This fun and engaging video is sure to keep your students’ attention while giving them useful lessons in the value of teamwork and character building.

Chapter Selection:
1. Teamwork at School
2. Teamwork at Home
3. Teamwork in Sports
4. Review and Conclusion

Produced by Human Relations Media Inc

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