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We're Just Around the Corner DVD
We're Just Around the Corner DVD
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Resource #: WJAD179W
Type: DVD
Price: $79.95

Program Contents: 15 minute DVD. Includes 24 page Teaching Guide.

Captioned: Closed captioned

Copyright Date: 2011

Are your students ready for a little more information on puberty and reproduction? “We’re Just Around the Corner” has been updated with new photography, new graphics and fresh live action footage to appeal to your older students. It is grounded in fact, sensitive to adolescent feelings, and reassuring about changes that are on the way.

This co-educational program presents information on topics that include:
• The physical and emotional changes of puberty
• The maturation of the male and female reproductive systems
• Conception, pregnancy, and fetal development
• The importance of reliable information as vital to good decision making
• The importance of good hygiene and healthy habits